From the Echoes Sentinel

WARREN TWP. – The Watchung Hills Board of Education has approved two board goals for the 2016-17 school year, one to expand their communication and the other to implement the district’s strategic plan.

Key ideas discussed during the July board retreat included expanding the board’s lines of communication and members’ role in implementing the district’s strategic plan, said Robert Morrison, board vice president.

With improving their communication in mind, board member Glenn Mastrobattista suggested creating a body within the board to handle any communication issues or concerns.

 “The centerpiece of everything we do is communication and I think this board should consider creating a task force or sub-committee specific to communication because it’s vital to every aspect of this school and this board,” said Mastrobattista.

Board member Peter Fallon agreed with the subcommittee idea but shared his concern about establishing too many goals because implementing the strategic plan and improving communication are a lot to handle already.

“It would be helpful if we can maybe set up an ad hoc committee to lead us in communication; we’ve talked about really going into what it is we are trying to accomplish with our communication plans and what are some ways we can do that,” said Fallon. “Every year I say we should be careful about adopting too many goals… we’ve got a fair number of goal areas and I would suggest we try to coalesce them into specific goals.”

Board president Gregory Przybylski then suggested two, encompassing goals focused on communication and implementing the strategic plan.

“I think the strategic plan is going to end up taking a lot of resources and it is fairly wide ranging with a lot inside of it so I would suggest these two goals,” said Fallon.

The board agreed to focus on communication and their role in implementing the strategic plan.